Obtaining citizenship through the marriage of a Canadian girl  

Obtaining citizenship through the marriage of a Canadian girl

Immigration to Canada through the marriage of a Canadian girl

While Canada prefers to attach great importance and preference to migrants who wish to enter the country for employment,

They are not opposed to allowing the reunification of families within their borders,

Family cohesion is an important aspect of Canadian culture,

Canada also recognizes the importance of other cultures, which it embraces all the time,

As a permanent resident or citizen, you can help your wife or husband migrate to Canada.

From here, your wife or care, whether Canadian or non-Canadian,

As long as it is able to meet the determinants and rules of the applicant as your sponsor,

She acknowledged that she would be financially responsible for you for a period of 3 years, or probably longer if there were children.

Can you immigrate to Canada by marrying a Canadian girl?

Many individuals begin the strategy to marry a Canadian girl, as one of the easiest and fastest ways to migrate to Canada,

This may arise under the principle of family reunification guaranteed by the Canadian authorities,

The wife has the right to apply for the care of her spouse, and the husband applies for the acquisition of sustainable residence,

The Canadian Department of Immigration then considers the claim during a period of between six months and one year,

During this time period, the Canadian government will ascertain the seriousness of the marriage and its credibility,

Marriage must be a real natural marriage and not for the acquisition of Canadian citizenship.

If I get married to a Canadian, can I stay in Canada and acquire Canadian citizenship?

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"Marriage of an Australian girl and stability in Australia"

As we have mentioned, many people think that the easiest way to stay in Canada is by marrying a Canadian girl,

Here are the most important facts about this topic:

Yes, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident is entitled to the care of a spouse, spouse or partner of the same sex or partner in the general legislation.

Yes, care can usually begin if the partner or spouse in Canada is actually or still in the country of origin.

However, caring for a husband or partner is not a quick or easy process:

Starting from the time of the sponsorship, it can take from 6 months to more than 2 years for the spouse or partner to take possession of the sustainable residence card.

If Canadian immigration authorities do not think you have a "real bond" you will not get your papers, and your application will be denied.

That is why it is not enough to change the marriage to send a care invitation, because you will have to appear to the immigration authorities that your marriage is real.

Summary: If you are in a real marriage union or a public law association,

They will be more easily how to get to Canada or stay in Canada as a permanent resident.

If, however, she marries a non-citizen or a caregiver in Canada,

The immigration system may reject your application if you discover this and if they think that the association is not real,

And will remain married, but will not be able to acquire immigration papers,

In that situation, it would be very expensive to terminate the marital relationship.


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