Random immigration to America opens the door to submission  

Random immigration to America opens the door to submission

The US Department of State has announced the opening of the annual draw program "DV-2020", the random migration of America 2019, starting from Wednesday, October 3 at 6 pm according to Miqat Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and continue for a month.
The United States of America is offering 55,000 US DV visas in the annual draw, based on the 1990 US Random Immigration Act, to diversify the immigrant population in America by selecting individuals, mostly from countries with irregular levels of immigration to the United States. Low in the past five years.

The proper submission steps and the most important approval guidelines, which are as follows:

I. Access the website www.Dvlottery.State.Gov during the specified submission phase.

II. Pioneering the application of "free of charge" under the practice of illegal immigration visas for pluralistic America.

Third: To begin to enter the required information and answer the questions accurately:

1 - Write the name in full and must be as indicated by the passport allocated to the applicant, and the appendage "Family name, applicant's name and father's name".

2 - Date of Birth: The date of birth is entered in the style of "day / month / year".

3 - Gender: explained / female.

4 - The name of the city of birth.

5. Country of birth: The country in which the applicant was born is identified.

6. Identify a country eligible to participate in the US Random Migration Program: Your country of eligibility is normally the same as your country of residence. A country of eligibility is similar to the country where you live if the applicant is alleged to be a member of a country other than the country where you were born.

7 - Picture of the applicant: Add the photo provided that it is new and taken during the last six months, for the applicant, and must comply with the DV input images on the same scales as the US visa images.

8 - Postal address: "Address / town / city / postal number".

9. Current residence.

10 - Telephone number.

11. Email address.

12 - The highest academic qualification obtained by the date of submission.

13. Marital status: "Single, married, divorced, widowed or legally independent", Spouse's information "Name, date of birth, sex, country of birth, city".

14. Number of children: Applications must contain the name, date and place of birth of the wife and all legitimate children, as well as all legally adopted children and unmarried spouses under the age of 21 at the date of the claim.

Fourth: Following completion of these steps, review the instructions provided by the Consular Kentucky Arrangement (under the KCC), along with the data contained on that website, for additional instructions and advice.

Fifth: Following the continuation of the form information in a successful manner, a confirmation screen showing the applicant's name and confirmation number appears. Sixth: The confirmation number assigned to the applicant must be printed and kept.


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